Don’t Pay More Than THIS for a Website

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Don’t Pay More Than THIS For A Website

If you’re a new company/practice or even an existing company/practice, your biggest and hardest-working salesperson is your website. It sells 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So why wouldn’t you invest in it? In 2014, Forbes released an article stating that websites are VITAL for small businesses (here). But if you’ve ever looked into web design, it’s not a cheap service. At Power Rank, we question that. Your website is definitely vital to your business, but why does it have to be so expensive?


When we began with a client who spans the Midwest with 7 locations in the medical industry, we decided we wanted to call around in each respective location and receive a quote for a new website. We received estimates ranging from $6,000 to $40,000. How does that make any sense? Now we understand that every company specializes and some have better web design skills than others, but a $34,000 range?! This led us to think, “what if we could provide a high-quality design that was HIPAA compliant for businesses for a better price?

How much should a website cost?

This is a loaded question really, but most web-designers you can find who provide great quality for $60 an hour. Now, that’s not to say there are great designers for more per hour and less per hour, we’re looking at an average. While $60 an hour may seem steep, let’s take into consideration today’s tools available for web design. There are page builders, DIY web setups, and more. The days of custom code and difficult setup are almost over. So being sold on the idea that it’s so difficult and takes hours and hours of time and developer efforts are realistically untrue. Some people still use those toolsets and they’re great but expensive.


A website cost is definitely relative to the size of your website as well as functionalities. So to give you a set number on what a website should cost could be near impossible because there are so many factors such as filter functionalities, e-commerce, custom post types, funnels, etc. But as a general rule of thumb, you can expect, on a general website, around $350 per page granted you don’t require any special functionalities. This would mean a basic 5-page website would run you around $2,000.


Again, this doesn’t mean that you should expect that price, every company will run a different cost and use different tools. But ask those questions, it could help clarify why their pricing is different than others. Remember, no tools are “better” than others, everyone uses a unique set of tools to build a website.

How do I pick a web designer?

We get this question fairly often, “how do I pick a web designer that’s right for me?” Let’s work backward here. There are a few things to analyze:

1. What are your goals?

Understanding your goals is crucial when looking into a website design project. Taking your business to a design agency and saying, “I need a website” doesn’t work. Along those lines, if their response isn’t, “let’s slow down and take a look at what your overall goals are with the project.” Then you should pack your bags and let them know that they probably aren’t the right company for you.

2. How’s your sales/lead pipeline?

There’s a lot of factors in generating leads and ultimately clients but you can have the world’s greatest website and brick and mortar location but the execution of nurturing leads are absolutely crucial. Is there a dedicated patient services rep? If not, how are leads handled?

3. Look and Feel

Last, you need to understand the look and feel of your website have to fit with your vision and mission as a company or practice. Be sure that you do your research, bring ideas to the table and understand that you’re working with a designer. There may be some changes and suggestions to your ideas but be an open book.

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