Medical Companies Can Lead the Way With Social

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Medical Leading the Way with Social Media

As we progress in the digital age, every aspect of traditional business is pushing toward the digital spectrum. Everything from our billing and processing to marketing and outreach happen on a computer or internet based platform. The last industry to fully engage on digital marketing is the medical industry. Most physicians and Founders/Presidents/CEOs of medical companies have used traditional marketing practices to grow their businesses but to much of their astonishment, it doesn’t work as well anymore. Along with the poor statistics that come along with traditional marketing, the cost is significantly higher. For example, LYFE Marketing did a case study that based on CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) the average cost of using traditional marketing efforts (direct mail, broadcast TV, magazine, newspaper, radio, and billboards) ranges from a $57 CPM to a $5 CPM ( People think, well great, a $5 CPM, that’s not too bad compared to the $57 CPM of a direct mail campaign, but is it?


Social Media Marketing for Medical

Marketing in the digital age, as discussed above, is difficult. There’s so many avenues that can be taken, but to lower your CPM from $57 to an average of $2.50, you’d be interested to listen, right?


Social Media is a tool for the ages, it’s proven the test of recent time in the tech and digital age. Facebook amasses an astounding 2 billion active users monthly, and 1.37 billion of those are on daily! This means that on any given day, you can reach 16% of the world’s population through social media.


But what if you don’t know how to do that? Are you posting at the optimal times for your business? Are you providing good content for your audience? Do you even have a Facebook page?


All of these are questions that are difficult to answer if you’re not on the right page with social media marketing. What most business owners don’t know is that you can see your demographic on social media. You’re able to see your optimal post times, your most engaging posts, how your users navigate, and more. Well if you can find this data, what can you do with it? The simple answer, call Power Rank and let us analyze your social streams and develop a social marketing plan that caters to your business and clients.

Medical Leading the Way with Social Media

Facebook ads have grown significantly in the digital marketing space. But if you have no idea if you’re doing this correctly, you’re essentially wasting money on the wrong target audience. The most common rebuttal to Facebook Advertising we get is, “well I can just boost the post for the same price and see my results.” But do you see results? Advertising on Social Media platforms is much more than just “boosting a post”. You have to develop a game plan, narrow down your audience based on engagements, deliver ads, A/B test those ads to integrate better content and know what works. All of this is developed on a game plan. NEVER go blindly into social media advertising without a blueprint for your goals.



Why is Social Media so Important for my Medical Business?

This is a great question. Normally, we would go on a long rant about how it lowers your marketing budget while reaching prospective customers at a faster rate, but you already know that if you’ve made it this far. So, we will work on keeping this simple…


More and more people are making their way on to a social platform and integrating digital media in to their every day lives. But most importantly it’s right at our fingertips at all times of the day. This means that when the 2 PM after lunch fog hits, the back that’s aching from being in a chair all day, the hip flexor problems begin to arise, all happens. I bet now would be a great time to hit them with that $30 off an adjustment ad at your Chiropractic office…

It’s simple, understanding the overall game plan and idea for using social media for your business is an absolute no brainer. It engages customers and prospective clients at the times they’re needing it most…


Pain Points with Social Media in Medical


We finally reach the question, why do I need someone to manage my social media account? That’s a great question… Let’s get started.

1. Being particular in what you post so that Facebook doesn’t shut down your page or Ad account.

  • Understanding the content you post affects your business both inside and out. By building an organic following, you’ve generated a list of potential clients, potential customers, and most importantly advocates for your business and brand. Posting content that is relevant content can be difficult, time consuming, and hard because it needs to be engaging and relevant to your practice/business.
  • When you’re planning out social media posts, you need to keep in mind that you’re building an organic audience that will be part of your overall strategy on social media.
  • Posting content that is questionable in terms of Facebook’s Terms of Service can mean the difference on having an active Facebook page or a page at all.

2. Running an Ad Strategy that Fits Your Business

  • If you’ve never built a Facebook Ad Strategy, it seems easier said then done. Building one for a medical company is much different than that of an e-commerce website, retail store or general service industry.
  • Depending on your business, you can provide information and content that serves as support for those interested in your page’s content.

3. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews…

  • Reviews have changed the way consumers shop for everything from food to medical services. Consumers trust other consumer’s reviews based on the idea that everyone has an equal opportunity for experience, so understanding that reviews are of the most importance is crucial. We create and develop that relationship with clients through social that builds trust for your business.



Running social media both paid and organic proves difficult for those in the medical space. There’s a plethora of things that can go wrong such as saying the wrong keywords to have your ads disapproved, providing content that isn’t engaging for your target audience, and most importantly, time to consistently post and monitor organic content and reviews. Understanding that social is the forefront to the future of marketing, we provide these services so that you can work on your business, not in.

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